Earn to die 2 mode APK

Earn to die 2

In earn to die 2, it’s put up-zombie apocalypse, and you’re one of the few closing survivors. You pay attention a broadcast at the radio from the neighborhood army, urging all survivors to fast evacuate your cutting-edge city and tour to safe haven harbor. In the course of this broadcast, you realize that you will need some wheels in an effort to get you there! You start building one very cool, very fast automobile.


The controls in earn to die 2 are quite simple. Use your up arrow button so as to boost up your vehicle, and use the left and right arrow keys to manipulate the vehicle’s tilt. After you’ve bought the booster, you could then use both the x button, and the ctrl buttons to your keyboard with a purpose to set off the booster and receive a further burst of pace on every occasion you want it.


How to play

In order to play earn to die 2, you must first start with a simple vehicle, and upgrade this vehicle so that it could obtain sure distances. There are numerous parts to take into account buying and upgrading on your primary car. Every part presents unique blessings on your person.

  • Fuel tank – there are 2 upgrades for this part, and every one will increase the fuel tank’s capacity.
  • Engine – the engine consists of 4 enhancements. Each upgrade will allow your automobile to boost up faster and provide more gas efficiency.
  • Transmission – the transmission consists of four enhancements. Every improve will increase your car’s speed.
  • Wheels – there are up to four exceptional wheel improvements to be had, and every upgrade will deliver your car higher traction.
  • Gun – the gun will shoot down zombies before they have a risk to assault your automobile. There are three improvements available.
  • increase – with the aid of purchasing raise, and upgrading it up to 5 instances, you’ll have great electricity and pace at the push of a button.
  • armor – armor helps to guard your vehicle in opposition to zombie assaults, reducing the quantity of damage your car would commonly take from them. There are 2 upgrades available.

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Making a living

Starting your adventure to the safe haven harbor proves to be quite tough. After you’ve determined an automobile to use, you recognize which you want coins with the intention to upgrade it nicely to move the gap. As you upgrade each part, you may realize that the value of upgrading grows with the improve blessings. You’ll be able to earn cash in 3 different ways for the duration of your adventure.

  • earn cash based on how many zombies you hit.
  • earn money based on the gap you’ve travelled.
  • earn cash primarily based in your common pace for that day


In earn to die 6, you’re able to expend to a few exclusive cars so as to make it on your vacation spot. You start with a fundamental car. As you upgrade this automobile, and whole the first degree, you will be capable of unlock the following automobile – a police cruiser. When you’ve bought the police cruiser, you may then need to upgrade the components on it further to the manner you did in your first automobile. After you’ve finished degree, you will unlock the final automobile, a transportation bus. Just as you needed to do with the basic vehicle and the police cruiser, you may additionally want to purchase and improve parts for the bus so that you can attain your very last vacation spot. The upgrades you’ve completed earlier than will no longer be well matched with a new automobile.


Earn to die 6 gives three extraordinary maps which will tour with the intention to reach safe haven harbor. These maps provide various scenic topics, inclusive of deserts and big towns with abandoned buildings and damaged bridges. Further, as you release and discover each map, you may recognize that they turn out to be increasingly more difficult to finish. Remember the fact that each map will take numerous days in order to complete them.

Earn to die 2 mode APK

Recommendations for beginners

In case you’re having problem finishing a degree, there are some important suggestions for novice gamers to recall.

  • keep an eye in your gasoline and booster gasoline consumption. Placed at the lowest center of the display screen, you may find 3 meter gauges. The gauge at the long way left is your gas gauge. The one inside the middle is the speedometer, and the one on the proper is the booster gasoline gauge.
  • watch your ammunition consumption. At the pinnacle left nook of your display screen, you may see an icon that seems like three bullets. This is your ammunition gauge, and it may inform you whilst you’ve run out of ammo.
  • Throughout the center pinnacle of your display screen you will see a line with a gasoline tank on one aspect and an automobile on the opposite. this bar will let you know in which you are at in relationship to the beginning and cease of the map, as well as consist of an indication arrow to expose you ways far you travelled yesterday.
  • if you want to pause the game for any reason, you could accomplish that via clicking on the pause button this is located on the pinnacle proper nook of the display, subsequent to the gap bar.